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In need of a recommended local roofer? An approved Plentific roofer is the Pro for the job! Whether you need services for chimney design, guttering installation, roof clearing or even thatch roof repair, simply post your job to receive quotes from top roofers near you.

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Our vision is to make it fast, easy and safe to get quotes when you need help. We'll introduce you to professionals who are ready to help.
Solid Installs
Roofer in Salford, M6 5AA
Roofer in Skegness, PE25 1HN
Fdf Maintenance
Roofer in London, SE25 6SG
Gotbath Uk Ltd
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Ideal Property Maintenance
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Latest Roofer Reviews

Fulton Home Improvements
11 Sep 2017
Great turnaround, job done brilliantly. Did more than we asked him to do. Would recommend him and have him back again. Thank you!
Steep Group
11 Sep 2017
I am a landlady and my tenant complained about plumbing problems. Upon contacting Plentific, I picked Steep Group who
resolved the problem promptly and efficiently. My tenant was content with the quality of the work. I will not hesitate to use Steep Group next time I have plumbing problems.
Savvy Sav
6 Sep 2017
This Pro. done a good ob for me. He was diligent, methodic, good rhythm of work. Job well done. A Pro!
C Patching Services Ltd
6 Sep 2017
Friendly very reliable and prompt and clean. I am very happy with the end result

Finding a roofer

Roof work is something you should never attempt, even if you’re up for a bit of DIY. It can be extremely dangerous, which is why getting the right professional is so important. Plentific can help you find your ideal roofer by generating a bespoke list of the best options in your local area, each of which will have a website profile where you can inspect their reviews, qualifications and past jobs. You can also gain protection for the job form the Plentific Guarantee by hiring a verified Pro.

What do you need to know about hiring a roofer?

Before making a final choice it is a good idea to have a roofer assess your personal situation. This can give them an idea of the materials and skills required and help them with your quote. Gather a few quotes to compare, but make sure they cover the services you specifically need. You may need more specialist services in leadwork and thatching, and there could be potential complications that could affect your price breakdown. Be prepared to take advice as well; you may find there are ways for you to save money.

Roofing can be a dangerous job, so you want to be sure of your choice’s professionalism as well as their experience. They should definitely have a Construction Skills Certification Scheme card (CSCS), as this will not only speak for their skills but also means they have passed a CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test. Membership in an organisation like the Institute of Roofing is also a good sign, though you can also check the grade of someone’s membership. Ensure that your choices follow appropriate safety procedures. On-the-job injury as a result of safety negligence will benefit no-one. If you have been working with other tradespeople it is likely that they will know a roofer that they can recommend. Even so, be sure to look at the experience of your choices. Have they completed similar jobs in the past and, if so, can they provide customer reviews or photographic evidence?

After assessing the job your choices should be able to offer you an hourly, daily or fixed rate. Ask for a price breakdown, as this can help you avoid hidden fees or going over budget, and be sure that their quote covers the cost of materials. In the event that they need to bring in additional workers or materials, ask them if this will affect the quote they gave you.

Prior to signing, ensure that your choice has adequate insurance policies and guarantees against accidental damage. Roofing is a dangerous job, requiring specialised safety equipment. They should also have policies in place in case you are unsatisfied with their finished work. Will they pay for or return to fix any damage they do, and will this incur any additional costs?

An experienced professional should be able to provide all of this information. If they cannot, or are hesitant to do so, it would be wise to continue your search.

What does a roofer do?

A roofer is an expert in replacing, repairing and installing different types of roofing. Their role can include repairing or removing broken tiles, assessing the quality of and repairing roof timbers, cutting and fitting materials, thatching or other tasks, depending on the job. They are comfortable working heights, and will usually work with plumbers and joiners on more complex projects.

How much does it cost to hire a roofer?

There is not an established average rate for hiring a roofer as the price will depend on the nature of the job. The materials required, the height and accessibility of the roof, location of the property, scaffolding needs, length of the job and the number of labourers needed can all raise the price. Ask for a breakdown of the costs and be sure to gather several quotes to compare. Payment will usually be given after the project is completed and all parties are satisfied, but on larger or more complex jobs accept that you may be asked to pay a deposit. This should never be more than half of the total quote.

Latest Roofer Jobs Posted

Tony W.
Parapet between valley gutters needs brickwork repair, re-pointing & re-rendering. Might be possible to access via skylights. Otherwise scaffolding (4 storeys) or large cherrypicker. Damage is at rear of property, access via communal garden and property back garden.
Need to have my chimney stack removed because it is leaning. Sorry asking for a quote again because I can't access the link that was sent to me.
Pearl S.
The roof of my shed needs replacing so that no rain gets into my shed. I want the quote to include taking away all rubbish
Dr N.
The project is to replace a flat roof over the kitchen on the attached floor plan. This includes the addition
of a central roof lantern approx. 2m x 1.5m. It will therefore include structural changes to the roof for which we already have structural calculations. It will involve multiple trades therefore in roof construction, glazing for the lantern, internal plastering, electrical work, etc.
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